Who are we and our guests?


Aljo Bril (owner, trainer and inspirator)
Feeling home in nature. This is what I wanted to learn when I went on a course at ‘Extra Bushcraft and Survival’ many years ago.. And it worked! After that I was honoured to support them 10 years in a row as an instructor to inspire more people to master the knowledge to live and thrive outside.

As a coach and trainer I have seen over the past 15 years what society is becoming. An increasingly complex system if you have (multiple) diagnosis, burnout, or just bad luck. And even without all these things and events, sometimes it's not doable. Society often seems to deal with only 3 things; speed, money and effectiveness. And in the meantime, we have become increasingly detached from nature and have detached ourselves from our core, But we are part of the universe, not leading it! In the meantime, I fully understand why people are burnout, hooked on medication or becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, gaming etc. Anything to keep up with the world.

Reconnectingwithnature is taking you with us to be able to make that connection with nature (and therefore with yourself) again. We do not offer a practical bushcraft course or a workshop on how to cuddle a tree. But extraordinary weeks in which we make nature our own again. Just as we did this generations ago and as (fortunately) many tribes still do at the moment. Reconnect with nature unleashes a primal power in people. This helps you to be less carried away by society. And we are happy to help you with that!

I work together with outdoor freaks, nature lovers and experienced coaches and trainers.  

For who?

Anyone who wants to reconnect with nature and therefore with themselves. For people who are searching for answers and want to take time to (re)discover themselves. Or you just want some time for yourself. Get away from the madness, rat race or the hectic of everyday life. And see what a week can brings you. Most importantly, no obligations, but anything can happen in our travels. The only thing that applies; The more you're open to what's to come, the more it will bring you.


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