Back to Nature

What if you feel the need to stop what you're doing? Want to share this with others. Learning from each other. Take care of yourself. Back in connection with yourself. Back to nature.  The world is on fire. We run from one to the other. Society demands more and more. We are interrupted by news, viruses and misery. And if it takes too long, we will get numb. Never before have we ceded so far from ourselves and nature.  The news about nature and our earth is far from positive. In fact; biodiversity is in such bad shape that it could be the biggest disaster of the century. Still, not everyone is negative. Listen to Matthijs Schouten, a Dutch natural philosopher. He says we're in a spiritual crisis. Not knowing anymore who we really are. We have risen above nature. And this no longer can be done. Actually, there is a very simple solution Matthijs says and writes. And that is that we have a to become partners with nature. In other words,

Reconnecting with nature

Reconnect with nature. The earth. This also means that we have to reconnect with our actual self. That's our primal instinct that most of us have lost. If we make the actual connection with the nature around us, we connect with ourselves. That's what we're going to do.



4 days, 3 nights outside, under a tarp and by the fire. Inspiration, support and organic food included.
As soon as the regulations around Covid will allow to bring groups together again.  Registration is possible in advance and with enough participants, we plan a date together. 
Place? Eastern part of Holland by National Park ‘Sallandse Heuvelrug’.
€ 995,-
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