4 days and 3 nights in the forest, your shelter is a tarp and warmth by means of fire. In silence with yourself, for yourself. Twice a day the silence will be interupted. For support, a conversation or personal assignment. I can't describe the SoloQuest any shorter.

But of course it's more! Real time for yourself to think about all the things that are going on. Maybe you are looking for more insight. or do you want time to investigate whether your work is still what you want to keep doing? Or that who you want to be, corresponds to what you do in daily life, what you show to the outside world? Or do you want to reconnect with the outside, to feel more at home in the forest without all the luxury of home?

Everything is possible, no obligations ...

This 4 day adventure is here for you!

Because; the social dynamics we have found ourselves in, require an improbable amount of energy from us as individuals. It's hard work to stay on your feet, both physically and mentally.

Our economy is faltering. Is this still an appropriate way of acting? And how do we relate to our natural environment, how 'sustainable' are we? Fundamental questions that are more at play now than ever!

Order is created by silence, not by thought.Krishnamurti



Since a Solo Quest (the name says it all) is being on your own, this training form fits perfectly within the 1.5 meter society. All amenities are from and for yourself. We ensure that all the material is clean and disinfected. There will be several participants in the forest but each in his own place out of sight of the others.

4 days, 3 nights outside, under a tarp and by the fire. Inspiration, support and organic food included.
Sign in and with enough participants, we plan a date together. 
Place? Eastern part of Holland by National Park ‘Sallandse Heuvelrug’.
€ 995,-
Curious, doubts or sign up?


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